On the left you can see all Make Bra sizes in centimetres/inches available at the moment. On the right you find corresponding US and UK bra sizes. A perfect correlation cannot be guaranteed because the measurements of different manufacturers may vary greatly. That’s why accurate measurements are important when choosing your bra size. This comparison concerns only the manufacturers who add extra inches (4/5″) to the rib cage measurement in their sizing.
When you are going to make a bra do NEVER base your pattern size choice on this or any other comparison table, but on your accurate under and full bust measurements instead.
Read how to take measurements
Make Bra sizes corresponding sizes in:
in cm
in inches
70B 27,5B 32B 32B
70C 27,5C 32C 32C
70D 27,5D 32D 32D
70DD 27,5DD 32DD/E 32DD
70F 27,5F 32DDD/F 32E
70G 27,5G 32G 32F
75A 29,5A 34A 34A
75B 29,5B 34B 34B
75C 29,5C 34C 34C
75D 29,5D 34D 34D
75DD 29,5DD 34DD/E 34DD
75F 29,5F 34DDD/F 34E
75G 29,5G 34G 34F
75H 29,5H 34H 34FF
75I 29,5I 34I 34G
75J 29,5J 34J 34GG
75K 29,5K 34K 34H
80AA 31,5AA 36AA 36AA
80A 31,5A 36A 36A
80B 31,5B 36B 36B
80C 31,5C 36C 36C
80D 31,5D 36D 36D
80DD 31,5DD 36DD/E 36DD
80F 31,5F 36DDD/F 36E
80G 31,5G 36G 36F
80H 31,5H 36H 36FF
80I 31,5I 36I 36G
80J 31,5J 36J 36GG
85A 33,5A 38A 38A
85B 33,5B 38B 38B
85C 33,5C 38C 38C
85D 33,5D 38D 38D
85DD 33,5DD 38DD/E 38DD
85F 33,5F 38DDD/F 38E
85G 33,5G 38G 38F
85H 33,5H 38H 38FF
85I 33,5I 38I 38G
85J 33,5J 38J 38GG
90A 35,5A 40A 40A
90B 35,5B 40B 40B
90C 35,5C 40C 40C
90D 35,5D 40D 40D
90DD 35,5DD 40DD/E 40DD
90F 35,5F 40DDD/F 40E
90G 35,5G 40G 40F
90H 35,5H 40H 40FF
90I 35,5I 40I 40G
90J 35,5J 40J 40GG
95A 37,5A 42A 42A
95B 37,5B 42B 42B
95C 37,5C 42C 42C
95D 37,5D 42D 42D
95DD 37,5DD 42DD/E 42DD
95F 37,5F 42DDD/F 42E
95G 37,5G 42G 42F
95H 37,5H 42H 42FF
95I 37,5I 42I 42G
95J 37,5J 42J 42GG
100B 39,5B 44B 44B
100C 39,5C 44C 44C
100D 39,5D 44D 44D
100DD 39,5DD 44DD/E 44DD
100F 39,5F 44DDD/F 44E
100G 39,5G 44G 44F
100H 39,5H 44H 44FF
100I 39,5I 44I 44G
100J 39,5J 44J 44GG