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The grand renewal process of Make Bra DL03 is completed!

Shop the renewed DL03 here. You can download the pattern right after the purchase.


You, my dear customers, have requested the pattern to include all sizes instead of divided into many size ranges.
I heard you. You can find all these sizes in the Make Bra DL03:

SIZES INCLUDED Conversion into US and UK sizes
cm | in   US/UK US UK
band cup band cup cup
65 | 26 C – I 30 C – G C – F
70 | 28 B – H 32 B – H B – FF
75 | 30 A – G 34 A – G A – F
80 | 32 AA – F 36 AA – DDD/F AA – E
85 | 34 AA – DD 38 AA – DD/E AA – DD
90 | 36 A – D 40 A – D A – D
95 | 38 A – C 42 A – C A – C

Let me explain what actually changed in the DL03

As I already mentioned, the pattern is now available to download immediately after payment. Each size is on its layer – the pattern is clear and easy to use. Also, you find the underwire size drawing there too. Always remember to open the pattern in Adobe Reader.

I customized the shape and volume of the cup, especially in the largest cup sizes.

I changed the finishing method of the top of the bra. Instead of finishing the top of the cup with the FOE, you use the turn-over method. It brings more versatility for the wear. Of course, you can still make it with fold-over elastic.
The pattern now also includes clear, illustrated instructions.

And as a bonus, I included instructions for attaching the front closure to the underwired bra. You can apply this method to all underwired bras.

I wish you an empowering Women’s Day and happy sewing with #makebraDL03

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I wish you a Merry Christmas and an inspiring New Year 2022 (a gift included)!

Hip Hugger and Retro panties pattern

Make Bra Hip Hugger and Retro panties pattern…

…is my small gift for you when you buy any bra pattern from Make Bra!

There will be two different models in a single PDF file. Both patterns have sizes between XS – 2XL (US 4 – 24).

Hip Hugger pattern is an improved version of our beloved free hipster pattern. It’s lower-rise and still has good coverage at the back.

Retro is a high-waisted, full-coverage model. There are only vertical seams at the front, giving many decorating possibilities at the front panel.

Pick up your pattern from Make Bra Shop! Use code FREE21 at checkout.

PS. The code is valid till the end of this year.

Happy sewing!


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Adjust the Sew Comfy Bra pattern to match different bottom elastic widths

The Sew Comfy Bra bottom calls for an elastic 3 cm (1 3/16″) wide

Sew Comfy Bra
3 cm wide elastic
Elastic 3 cm (1 3/16″) wide. It is strong, woven elastic with approx. 15% stretch and good recovery.

Watch the short video on our You tube channel about wrapping the bottom edge of the Sew Comfy Bra

You can use other widths as well

You only need to adjust the Sew Comfy Bra band pattern to match the width. But, you can’t go narrower than 2,54 cm (1 inch) without compromising the design of the Sew Comfy Bra.

Download the pre-made CB pattern for the elastic widths 1″ and 1 ½”. It’s free.

If your elastic differs from those widths, follow these steps:

1. Make a calculation
If your elastic band is narrower than in the pattern, subtract the width of your elastic from the 3 cm / 1.18″. Then multiply the result by three. This is the amount you will remove from the bottom edge of the original pattern. If your elastic band is wider than in the pattern, subtract 3 cm / 1.18″ from the width of your own elastic. Then multiply the result by three. This is the amount you will add to the bottom edge of the original pattern.

2. Adjust the Sew Comfy Bra bottom edge.

3. Fold the edge as if the elastic were inside and then cut the CB into shape.

That’s all! Happy adjusting!

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The reason why you don’t find bra making materials at our shop any more

Since February 2021, we’ve shifted the focus of the Make Bra shop away from selling fabrics, notions, and kits. Instead, we’re dedicating our efforts to pattern-making and teaching.

Back in 2011, when we initially entered the fabric and notions market, our primary motivation was to tackle the challenge of sourcing these materials in Finland. Without the necessary materials, selling our main products—lingerie patterns—was difficult.

The lack of materials was not unique to Finland; it was a common challenge faced almost everywhere.

Fortunately, the demand for DIY bra-making materials and patterns grew, leading to the emergence of new sellers in this field. This surge in interest significantly increased demand for our sewing patterns.

My passion – pattern-making and teaching the secrets of lingerie sewing – still flares, and I will continue on this path as long as I have something to give to fellow sewing enthusiasts.

Love, Annele