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A Little Foam Lining Story

This post (edited on 27.8.2018) gives you information about the foam lining for sale in Make Bra online store.

The foam lined bra cup is there for support and shape. Not to mention a good look and feel!


Our foam has a subtle mechanical give which makes it very comfortable to wear. At the same time it still makes a good base for whatever cup cover you prefer.

One of the most common misunderstandings is that foam lining acts like a padding. It doesn’t. It doesn’t increase the breast volume. In newly made bra it may seem slightly puffed, but after wearing it for a while, excessive puffiness fades away.

You can still use it as a padding. In that case overlap foam lining pieces in a place where extra padding is needed. Stitch the layers together piece by piece.

Cut and Sew

The foam-lined cup is formed out of one-two-three-or-more pieces. Its task is to move your breast tissue in the desired direction depending on the shape of the cup. To the center, up forward, down. Feel free to make your own improvements and changes to the cup. It’s easy. Use the existing seams or make new ones. Try different adjustments and see the effects. Imagine that it’s a kind of a sculpture.

Join the foam cup parts together with a zigzag or 3-step zigzag. Zigzag seams can be finished with a narrow tape. However, the seams of our foam merge together forming a beautiful, solid cup and therefore it is better to leave the finishing tape off. The lighter the seams are, the smoother the shape and the more invisible the seams will be.

After joining the parts together, the cup may seem to be a bit angular. Don’t worry, because this effect disappears after few hours of wearing the bra. The same miracle happens when you put on a bra that has just been washed – the shape returns quickly. I really love that feature. If angularity bothers you in the first place, you can gently steam iron over the seams through a cotton cloth. Be careful not to flatten the cup! And not to burn your fingers!


The foam lining doesn’t demand any special washing treatments. The same detergent and temperature can be used as you normally use when washing your underwear. After washing, pull the cups into shape when the bra is still wet.

I always wash my bras in a washing machine. That being said, I recommend that you do your laundry in a way that seems the best. I use washing machine because of the bra science: I want to test the materials. Okay, I’m too lazy to wash them by hand. But, please don’t blame me for advising you to wash your lingerie in a washing machine. The fact is that the materials of your underwear tell the rules.

As mentioned before, foam lining is a master of retaining and returning its shape. And it’s not the first one to wear out, neither in use nor in wash.

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The Beginning

If you are looking for a new, fun sewing hobby for yourself, so here it is! Please enjoy!
In make Bra online store you will find lingerie patterns and sewing supplies. There is also sewing instructions available in web pages.
Choosing the right size of the pattern can be a challenge. In Measuring page you will find, however, detailed instructions of taking measurements and choosing the pattern.