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How To Make an Easy Test Bra

We all have a little different figure even if we would have the same bra size. That’s why it’s wise to make a test bra first. By fitting it, you will see what pattern adjustments might be needed. This post shows how to make a test bra easily, fast and at an affordable price. There is no need to attach any elastics or other niceties at this stage.

trial bra
bias tunnel
bra back Use a foam lining or some other non-stretch fabric as a cup material. Bra band can be made of a cotton fabric or similar. Cut the bra band wings much longer than marked on the pattern at center back.Use a bias binding as an underwire casing material. You can also simply leave the bias binding out and attach the seam allowance of the cup to the bra band by sewing it along the outer edge of the seam allowance, to create a tunnel for the underwire.

Pin the strap elastics in place and tie bra band wings as a bow. Don’t tie too tight as this will ruin the shape of cups.

And voilà, your test version is ready!

A tip for fitting a test bra: lift the straps a little by hand because the bra band made like this does not provide any support.