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Bra Making Kits Update

Bra making materials may be difficult to choose. Therefore, we have made your life easier and picked up the materials into our Basic Kit for Bra Making and Basic Kit plus ready for your use. In addition to the kit, you only need the underwires.


Now, we have updated the Basic Kit and the Basic Kit PLUS. The picot edge elastic has come back as an edge elastic. It bends nicely along the curve of the bottom edge.

kits bra making materials

Both kits contain enough materials at least for two bras up to size 80DD-95C (BK) and 100F (BK plus). The consumption of the foam is even more flexible. For instance from the foam piece of the Basic Kit you get cups of the pattern DL04 for 6 bras in the smallest size and 2,5 bras in the largest size.

bottom edge elastic under the underwire casing
In the information page we have added instruction how to calculate the height of the band at the lowest part of the cup.

We do want the underwire casing and the bottom edge elastic to be layered as in the picture on the left.

Basic Kit for Bra Making ivory and black
Basic Kit plus ivory, white and black