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Autumn holidays 17.-25.10.17


We are having autumn holidays from 17th to 25th of October.

During that time, digital patterns are sent as usual, but other orders will be delivered starting from the 26th of October.

Have a beautiful autumn season!

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Make Bra Summer Timetable

We are making holidays! From Midsummer to the end of July we will ship the orders only on Wednesdays. Answering to your emails may slow down a bit as well.

However, digital patterns will be delivered as usual within 24 hours (Mon-Fri).

We still have available places on our courses in Tampere 18.-19.11 and Helsinki 28.-29.10. In other cities courses are full booked, but occasionally single place may become available and we announce it here.

We wish a beautiful, relaxing summer for everyone!


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Foam Lining Pieces Half Price

The foam lining pieces are piling up in our stock. They are left overs from our courses and also from our own production.

Now, we offer them to you for half the original price

This is a good opportunity to buy cheap material for instance for a test bra.

  • The pieces are sold by 100g, which contains material for more than two bras. The price is 3€/100g.
  • Every piece is at least the size of 20 x 25cm (7 7/8″ x 9 7/8″) and edges outside the rectangle may be irregular.
  • Colours are white and black.

    You can find them in Something Special category.

    foam lining pieces

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Make Bra Renewal

We have renewed the whole Make Bra site. All instructions and other how-to material are located on our new learning site. You can, however, reach them via links on this site.

Now, we are adding products on the shop…

Welcome and Thank you for your patience!

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Bra Making Kits Update

Bra making materials may be difficult to choose. Therefore, we have made your life easier and picked up the materials into our Basic Kit for Bra Making and Basic Kit plus ready for your use. In addition to the kit, you only need the underwires.


Now, we have updated the Basic Kit and the Basic Kit PLUS. The picot edge elastic has come back as an edge elastic. It bends nicely along the curve of the bottom edge.

kits bra making materials

Both kits contain enough materials at least for two bras up to size 80DD-95C (BK) and 100F (BK plus). The consumption of the foam is even more flexible. For instance from the foam piece of the Basic Kit you get cups of the pattern DL04 for 6 bras in the smallest size and 2,5 bras in the largest size.

bottom edge elastic under the underwire casing
In the information page we have added instruction how to calculate the height of the band at the lowest part of the cup.

We do want the underwire casing and the bottom edge elastic to be layered as in the picture on the left.

Basic Kit for Bra Making ivory and black
Basic Kit plus ivory, white and black

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At the end of 2015…


We thank all our dear customers and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year filled with creativity and inspiration!

Make Bra Team

PS. Orders will be shipped normally 21.-23.12 and 28.-30.12 during the holiday season this year.

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Sew Your Own Thigh Highs

Let’s make some playfull, fun and super easy piece of lingerie while waiting for the new bustier and boyshorts patterns and how to videos. It’s so relaxing to sew something not so demanding for a while. In these exemples we have two different kind of stockings; one made of the sheer 4-way stretchy mesh and another made of jersey with elastane. Elastane is important part of the mix, it makes the fabric recover from stretch.

seam stockings

Make Bra Thigh Highs pattern is one size. It’s medium. So, how to determine your size? You can either make a test stocking from the fabric you choose or leave extra width and lenght on the pattern for fitting alterations. In that case you should baste the back seam. The stretch of your fabric affects so much to the pattern fit that it’s better to find out the right size by experimenting.

If you need to alter the size it’s very easy along the center front line and horizontal lines. To increase the size add more space between the pattern pieces and decrease it by overlapping the pieces.

The seam allowances in the pattern are 6mm (1/4″). It’s recommended to sew the seams with a serger. The zigzag stitch is perfect for the upper edge elastic attachment. The fabric must be 4-way stretch and the most stretch is better be crosswise. You can use many different kind of stretchy fabrics for this stocking, from woolen knit to sheer mesh, and everything in between as long as fabric has elasticity enough.


How to hold the stockings up then? If you make a sheer seam stockings with elastic lace cuff, you should use a garter belt in order to keep them in place. Thicker, not so slippery stockings are held up on their own if you make the upper edge stiff enough. In the red-black example there is an elastic tape 2,8cm (1 1/8″) width inside the cuff which keeps the stocking stay up. The fabric not being too slippery helps as well.

This stocking is very comfortable to wear if you put it on right. See the first picture. The back seam reaches the floor, but you don’t stand over the heel seam.
If seams are set correctly, you don’t even feel them. Very comfortable. Enjoy!

Sewing the Thigh Highs

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A Printed T-shirt Turns into a Bustier Bra Top

The Idea for the Makeover Came From…


…a 3D printed denim-jacket-over-a-top style T-shirt.

And, the Result Was…


…a “denim” bustier bra top. The pattern used for cups was Make Bra’s balconette style bra #DL03.


The bustier has both front and back bonings. The bones at the back are inserted into the hook and eye tapes.


How do you like this? Was the printed T-shirt worth reusing?