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More Bra Sewing Tips (for you using pattern #4800)

This bra for larger sizes is made in a similar way than the full band bra. Note when shaping the cup like advised in the full band bra instructions, do the same on the strap area. The fabric doesn’t fall over the edges of the lining much because the strap area is so narrow.
Two other important points:

1. Supporting Tape
Before you attach the lining pieces together, sew the supporting tape underside the upper edge of the side part of the lining (3). It reaches up to the end of the strap in this model. Zigzag both edges of the band to the lining. The supporting tape can be whatever thin, non-elastic band, not wider than 1,5cm. This is a small detail, but the effects are huge.
2. Bra Strap Back
The adjustment part of the strap can be made in this way too: it is integrated up to the center-back of the bra band.
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The Beginning

If you are looking for a new, fun sewing hobby for yourself, so here it is! Please enjoy!
In make Bra online store you will find lingerie patterns and sewing supplies. There is also sewing instructions available in web pages.
Choosing the right size of the pattern can be a challenge. In Measuring page you will find, however, detailed instructions of taking measurements and choosing the pattern.