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Ulla Sports Bra Pattern

As a part of our pattern remaking process we have made the Ulla pattern more sportive and supportive while remaining the most comfortable bra you ever had. We also expanded the size range from 65 (30) band to 110 (48).

The sewing technique is also changed being very easy now. Detailed sewing instructions are included in the pattern.

Use a good quality sport lycra or spandex for these.

Check out Ulla Sport Bra Pattern

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Bra Pattern DL02 Renewed

Yesterday we published the renewed bra pattern DL02-3. It has gone through huge changes regarding to both shape and fit as well as pattern layout.

Now you get more for the 12 euros than earlier. The pattern includes more sizes and clear sewing instructions with drawings. The pdf pattern is layered and instant downloadable! Why to adjust patterns from time to time you may wonder. The technical changes are more understandable as the techniques change fast.

But, for me, the fit of the pattern is the most important thing. I continually teach bra making and therefore meet a huge amount of different shape of women. I’m in a privileged position to notice the common points of fit which work for almost everyone. And, as I love my job, teaching and pattern making, I would be crazy not to provide my knowledge for you in a form of better patterns.

Enjoy a good fit


Sizes available
DL02-3 is divided in two:
Pattern A sizes Pattern B sizes
75G-75H-75I 75I-75J-75K
80F-80G-80H 80H-80I-80J
85DD-85F-85G 85G-85H-85I
90D-90DD-90F 90F-90G-90H
95C-95D-95DD 95DD-90F-95G
100B-100C-100D 100D-100DD-100F
105A-105B-105C 105C-105D-105DD

Pattern DL02-3 one by one 12€ or both sets together 18€

Compare International Band Sizes
Europe USA/UK France
75 34 90
80 36 95
85 38 100
90 40 105
95 42 110
100 44 115
105 46 120

Pattern DL02-3 one by one 12€ or both sets together 18€

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Back to Worldwide Service

Due to high demand we started to ship our physical products all over the world again as we used to do.

As a deliverer we trust to Finnish Post and send all orders via them.

Here you can find shipping costs and delivery time estimates outside Finland.

Inside Europe 22€ 2-5 working days
Outside Europe 36€ 3-8 working days + time at customs clearance
Outside Europe 25€, NO tracking 3-8 working days + time at customs clearance

At the time of writing, we have two methods of delivering our PDF patterns.

  • Old School way of sending them in your email
  • Instant download

We are working on all our patterns to make them instant downloadable. In product description you will find the information about the way you will receive them.

Thank you all for the feedback concerning destination countries

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A Christmas Zero Waste Tip for Make Bra Friends

oven mitt heart

Ever thought what to do with the bra foam leftovers? Here is the option. Use them as an insulating layer of an oven mitt.

Sew a beautiful heart shaped oven mitt for a christmas gift or to cheer up your own kitchen.

Download the free pattern here.

Heartfelt and warm Christmas wishes for all our customers. Merry Christmas!

sydan patakinnas

Construct the mitt

patakinnas ohjeet

  • Flatten the edge of the foam layer by zigzagging around
  • Overlap the pieces starting from bottom:
  • Bottom cover
    Foam layer
    Inner lining
    Left and right cover pieces

  • Machine baste layers together along the edge.
  • Finish the edge with bias tape. Bend the tape to form a hanger at the end.