Bra Pattern DL01


A lovely bra model with fixed fabric straps and underwires. The cup consists of three well-shaped pieces giving roundness and a beautiful shape for the cup. Foam pieces are very easy to sew up. The three-piece cup enables the most creative cup cover fabric choices!

Pattern A 12€, Pattern B 12€, both 24€

PATTERN A includes sizes:

65C-65D-65DD-65F : 70B-70C-70D-70DD
75A-75B-75C-75D : 80AA-80A-80B-80C

PATTERN B includes sizes:

65F-65G-65H-65I : 70DD-70F-70G-70H
75D-75DD-75F-75G : 80C-80D-80DD-80F
85B-85C-85D-85DD : 90B-90C-90D

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    Learn more about DL01
    DL01 PDF pattern
    • Pattern includes 2-3 files; pattern A and/or pattern B + sewing instructions
    • 4-6 sheets (Letter, A4) and only 2-3 sides to tape per size!
    • English and Finnish text in the pattern
    • Sewing Instructions in English with clear drawings
    • All sizes on its own layer, so you can print out only the size/sizes you need
    • Seam allowances included