Bra Pattern DL01


Beautiful bra model with fixed fabric straps. The cup consists of three well-shaped pieces giving roundness and a good volume for the cup. Cup pieces enable you to make very creative cup cover fabric choices. Foam lining is easy to sew up and the foam gives a beautiful shape for the cup. Model DL01 needs underwires.

1 size 6.95€ (single)
3 adjacent cup sizes 12.00€ (multi)

  • Each pattern size is in a separate PDF file
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Bra Pattern DL01

  • a three part, foam lined cup
  • fixed, foam lined straps
  • underwires

A supportive bra, which from our models covers most the armpit sides and focuses attention on decollete area. It is also suitable for bikini top.

Full Band Bra Instructions

Back fastening with either two or three hook, depending on your size and how you prefer it.


70 (US 32): B, C, D, DD, F
75 (US 34): A, B, C, D,DD, F, G
80 (US 36): AA, A, B, C, D, DD, F
85 (US 38): A, B, C, D, DD
90 (US 40): A, B, C, D
95 (US 42): A, B, C