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A Rose Gardener’s Bra and Brief Set

Washing Test

What do you think? Have you ever thought using georgette as a lingerie material?
And please don’t forget to comment on my sewing machine problem. And, other issues as well. Thanks!

Update! Georgina emailed a great tip for preventing fraying:

”I use Fray Check. I draw the pattern on the fabric then using fray check and moving my hand really fast i draw the line that’s on the fabric let it dry then cut making sure that all
lines are sealed then you don’t have a problem with it fraying. You can also iron over the fray check if you need to. Georgette also works better if you use a french seam and you may need to roll it 1extra time.”

One thought on “A Rose Gardener’s Bra and Brief Set

  1. Kathy commented on the sewing machine issue via email. With her permission our discussion moved here.

    Hi! The best sewing machines in my opinion are Janome. They are good
    for really delicate work as well as their being able to sew heavy
    fabrics as well. Get the even feed or walking foot to go with it. Best
    wishes! Kathy from Arizona, USA your repeat customer! 🙂

    Annele from Make Bra:
    Thank you for your opinion Kathleen. I must admit that Janome is totally unknown to me except as an industrial sewing machine. I think it has been ineffectively marketed here in Finland. Inspired by you I visited Janome’s site and found a huge amount of machines in different types and price ranges. Do you know if the way of feeding (even feed foot) is the same from cheapest machine to the most expensive? What is your favorite model?

    Dear Annele,
    I have the Janome MC 10001 –a gift from my parents. Now it is outdated. I have successfully used the even feed foot or walking foot on the Janome MC 10001 and the New Home 2015 which is a model from the 1980’s. The New Home company in the USA was bought out by Janome in the 1960’s I think. Janome has many different machines in many different price ranges. I would think a good machine would be the Janome 9900 which is a new model that is capable of doing sewing, machine embroidery and quilting. A less expensive alternative is the Janome 300E (I think). I have heard good things about that model. The Janome 9900 and Janome MC 10001, as well as the New Home 2015 (a mechanical sewing machine from the 1980’s) seem to be able to handle both fine fabrics such as chiffon and organdy as well as heavy fabrics and leather.
    I hope this helps you. If you don’t have a Janome shop or dealer in the Finland you may end up paying extra for customs and VAT however. 🙁
    Thank you!

    Annele from Make Bra:
    Thank you Kathy for enlightening comment.
    Janome sounds like a really interesting machine. We have a dealer here in Finland as well and I’ll definitely visit them and take a “test drive” with some models. The fact is that my future machine won’t need to cope with every type of material and situation imaginable because it’s all about lingerie here.
    No time for anything else (and I’m totally happy with it!). 🙂

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