Make Bra Patterns Terms of Use

The Use of Make Bra Patterns – Terms and Conditions

The Make Bra patterns are protected by copyright of Make Bra, Annele Isomäki. The making of patterns is a demanding and time consuming process. It is important to understand its value and to respect the copyright law. The Make Bra patterns are intended for your personal use only. Redistributing the patterns as a file or as a printed pattern to third parties is forbidden.

Personal use

You have the right to print, copy, edit and modify the pattern for your personal use, but you may not share the pattern as a file or as a printed pattern to anyone.


The Make Bra patterns are intended for personal use only. Commercial use of the patterns is strictly prohibited. In accordance to good practice, companies are obliged to obtain their patterns either by commissioning them in a pattern manufacturing company or hiring a patternmaker. It is fair to pay decent compensation for those working in the field. The company may also not use Make Bra patterns as a base for its own variations.


You can use Make Bra patterns to sew made-to-measure garments for your customers. Please order individual patterns for each customer.

Educational use

If you are teaching bra making on your own sewing courses/classes it is possible to use Make Bra patterns. Make sure that each participant orders their own pattern.