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The reason why you don’t find bra making materials at our shop any more

Since February 2021, we’ve shifted the focus of the Make Bra shop away from selling fabrics, notions, and kits. Instead, we’re dedicating our efforts to pattern-making and teaching.

Back in 2011, when we initially entered the fabric and notions market, our primary motivation was to tackle the challenge of sourcing these materials in Finland. Without the necessary materials, selling our main products—lingerie patterns—was difficult.

The lack of materials was not unique to Finland; it was a common challenge faced almost everywhere.

Fortunately, the demand for DIY bra-making materials and patterns grew, leading to the emergence of new sellers in this field. This surge in interest significantly increased demand for our sewing patterns.

My passion – pattern-making and teaching the secrets of lingerie sewing – still flares, and I will continue on this path as long as I have something to give to fellow sewing enthusiasts.

Love, Annele