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A Christmas Zero Waste Tip for Make Bra Friends

oven mitt heart

Ever thought what to do with the bra foam leftovers? Here is the option. Use them as an insulating layer of an oven mitt.

Sew a beautiful heart shaped oven mitt for a christmas gift or to cheer up your own kitchen.

Download the free pattern here.

Heartfelt and warm Christmas wishes for all our customers. Merry Christmas!

sydan patakinnas

Construct the mitt

patakinnas ohjeet

  • Flatten the edge of the foam layer by zigzagging around
  • Overlap the pieces starting from bottom:
  • Bottom cover
    Foam layer
    Inner lining
    Left and right cover pieces

  • Machine baste layers together along the edge.
  • Finish the edge with bias tape. Bend the tape to form a hanger at the end.